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Narong -Sina
Wellbeing Institute
 Non-Profit Organization

Welcome to Wellbeing Institute

Our goals are to help people to reduce and end suffering by applying Meditation techniques to their practical life.

Thank you

Narong Hul


Mindfulness for Everyone, Anywhere

Enjoy guided mindfulness and meditation classes online. Practice with us as much as you want on any digital device.



  1. Universal Meditation

  2. The Conduct

  3. Law of Nature I

  4. Law of Nature II

  5. Morality

  • Rules for Civilians          Five, Eight, Ten Precepts,

  • Rules for Novice,

  • Rules for Monk,

  • Rules for Nun



  1. Meditation for children

  2. Meditation for teenager

  3. Meditation for adult

  • Pre-Course 

  • 3-Minute Meditation for a short term issue,

  • 15-Minute Meditation for a long term issue,

  • Insight Meditation for greed, hatred and ignorance.



For stress, depression, anxiety, wandering mind, lost of interest, grief, sadness, animosity, insomnia, envy, bragging, hot temper, anger, laziness, bad mood, stinginess, dullness, arrogance, flip flop, nervousness, conceit, slander, broken heart, fear, lost hope, suicide, and more...


Meditate Together Online

Everything Is Better When Shared, Including Meditation.

When you meditate with other people online, you’ll get the support and connection you need to start practicing mindfulness and keep going.
A group can better support an individual’s inward journey and help develop a habit.

Our Plans

Choose a plan and Enjoy unlimited access to our online classes and workshops at your convenience.


Thank you for your Donation to support our mission.

Pre - Course

Body & Mind relaxation


What is Life?

In English

January, March, May, July, September. November

In Khmer

February, April,  June, August, October, December


Main Course

Awareness, Concentration,

Inner Peace, Joy,


In English

January, March, May, July, September. November

In Khmer

February, April, June, August, October, December


Pre-Course recommended 
for Beginners

Discover Meditation and Mindfulness

Understand the Law of Nature to find Peace and Joy in life.

The ancient techniques guide you step by step to achieve it.

Join Narong Hul for free online daily lectures.

Our Approach

Suffering happens to everyone.

The cause of suffering is attachment.

The end of suffering is attainment.

The path to the end of suffering is detachment

Narong Hul

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